jueves, septiembre 24, 2009

Dedicated to my enemy

You have seven more seconds to decipher your life,
before my tongue becomes a blade and your brain gets sliced.
I warned you before, I'm addicted to war,
I was prayin' for Armageddon on the day I was born..

Three pounds, Four ounces, Seven weeks premature,
Perfectly Flawed and Perfectly Impure
See, it was a night of lies
It was a sick, quick, compromise
It was the devil in his eyes
It was innocence slithering down her thighs
It was it was his fuckin fist into...
Into her fucking side.

And why? 'Cause there was a baby,
Barely Three Months Alive.

But I Survived To stubborn,
to succumb to the drippin jaws of the dominant paradigm.
I speak out of turn,
I taugh myself everything that I ever needed to learn,
which is, I don't have to be anything but me.
Napalm bright, celebrating the burn..

See, I'm supposed to be weak and depleted,
my uniqueness erased and deleted
I'm supposed to be a fist and a bruise,
nothing left inside and nothing left to lose.

They want me to be a breeder,
Not a thinker,
Not a leader,
A sermonless disciple to a desperate,
demented preacher
No Voice, No Choice
But I will fail them
I have no need for their acceptance,
their limits, their lies
I learned to hate from you
I am your most beloved blasphemous child.

-Otep Shamaya

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